Vivre Interiors


Selecting furniture and designing cabinetry to enhance an interior can be daunting, especially when incorporating precious pieces, inherited or collected over time.

Vivre Interiors greatly respects the concept of embracing history, travels and what rich experiences may bring to a home, it is also believed at Vivre that the style of an interior space should not be limited, but rather enhanced, by the inclusion of important sentimental pieces.

The art of bringing what might otherwise be an eclectic mix of furniture acquired over time to a state of harmony and functional beauty, is an enviable skill in itself. At Vivre Interiors this talent comes from the heart and it is often a pure delight to see how some adjustments to layout, restoration and re-upholstery can reap grand rewards.

Vivre Interiors will design, select and arrange furniture according to your desired outcomes. All restorative work is carried out by a team of highly skilled and respected people with time honoured experience in all aspects of furniture production, upholstery, and restoration.

Vivre Interiors
7 York Street Richmond Victoria 3121
T +61 409 338 995